Annual and Strategic Planning

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Annual Planning

Our Annual Planning Process involves unit and volume-based revenue and expense planning, and the development of detailed financial and operational metrics. Completing the planning cycle is an accurate, ongoing forecasting process. A well-structured planning process is essential if expectations are to be properly aligned with operational and competitive realities, allowing for prompt and appropriate response to both positive and negative industry trends. When well executed, the annual planning process fosters the right behavior, provides a framework for the coming year and establishes the ideal blue print for several years into the future. At Howard Roark Consulting, we have extensive experience designing, developing and delivering high-quality, high-value annual plans.

Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Planning Process starts with a comprehensive assessment of the competitive landscape as well as a thorough examination of operational opportunities and challenges. Combined with well-defined corporate initiatives and systematic setting of financial and operational targets, the foundation for effective long-term planning is established. At Howard Roark Consulting, we offer a variety of services across the strategic planning cycle.