Business Development Assessments

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In today's complex business environment, growth is not enough. Growth must be carefully planned and methodically executed. At Howard Roark Consulting, we have the experience and expertise to identify the risks and opportunities to your company's short, intermediate and long-term growth initiatives.

Due Diligence

Our Due Diligence Process embraces a "leave no stone unturned" philosophy. We have the insight to know where to look, the experience to know what to look for and the tenacity to acquire a comprehensive understanding of current conditions and future opportunities. There is no substitute for experience. At Howard Roark Consulting, our professionals can efficiently and effectively assess all aspects of your company's acquisition and divestiture opportunities.


Our Valuation Process utilizes three different and distinct proven methodologies in order to effectively establish and validate a valuation. This systematic process produces a valuation range, ensuring that all aspects of a transaction have been considered and thoroughly assessed. At Howard Roark Consulting, we have the insight and the experience required to help your company understand the true economics behind the valuation.


Our Funding Process involves thoroughly assessing your company's financial structure, determining its short, intermediate and long-term funding needs, and delivering the most cost effective funding solution. How efficiently your company accesses the capital markets preserves profitability and determines how effectively your company can grow. A lower cost of capital gives your company a competitive advantage with respect to funding your investments and growing your bottom line. At Howard Roark Consulting, we have the experience and the insight to optimize your company's funding strategies.