Interim and Ongoing CFO Services

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Interim CFO Services

Choosing the right CFO is essential to the success of your company. Unfortunately, this search can often be a prolonged one, leaving your company dangerously exposed until the appropriate individual is selected. We can manage your critical financial functions while you find the ideal candidate, as our seasoned professionals have extensive experience in treasury, accounting and finance. From managing your daily funding process to managing your monthly close process to managing your annual planning process, at Howard Roark Consulting, we have the talent and the expertise to manage all of your accounting and finance functions.

Ongoing CFO Services

Small companies often require the skill and expertise of an experienced CFO yet cannot justify the expense associated with hiring one on a fulltime basis. These needs can include long-term planning, accessing the financial markets, high-end financial analysis and management reporting, accounting system implementations and evaluating and selecting strategic growth initiatives. Allow Howard Roark Consulting to become your company's part-time CFO.

Accounting System Implementation and Restructuring:

Only with the proper foundation can your company reach its true potential. The structure and integration of operational and financial systems as well as the management reporting framework establish the financial backbone of your company. The right data must be captured and organized in the right way in order to optimize your company's monthly, quarterly and annual performance. At Howard Roark Consulting, our professionals have experience implementing servicing, billing, payment processing and accounting systems, seamlessly integrating them into your company's well-established operations.

High-End Financial Analysis and Management Reporting:

Financial analysis and reporting must tell a complete, accurate and timely story, complete with integrated operating metrics. The current and long-term health, welfare and direction of your company should be apparent, allowing for prompt and appropriate response to both positive and negative internal and external factors. Let the professionals at Howard Roark Consulting help your company establish the right financial framework to improve your financial and operational decision making.


What are your company's funding options? Do you intend to use current cash, future cash flow or access bank financing? How efficiently your company accesses capital preserves profitability and determines how effectively your company can grow. A lower cost of capital gives your company a competitive advantage with respect to funding your investments and growing your bottom line. At Howard Roark Consulting, we have the experience and the insight to optimize your company's funding strategies.

Growth Initiatives:

In today's complex business environment, growth is not enough. Growth must be carefully planned and methodically executed. At Howard Roark Consulting, we have the experience and expertise to identify the risks and opportunities to your company's short, intermediate and long-term growth initiatives.

Strategic Planning:

What are your company's long-term goals? Are you growing your business to sell or to take public? Whether your company intends to grow by capturing or acquiring market share, developing new products or entering new markets, you need someone there with you who has done it and done it well. Allow us to establish a plan, complete with comprehensive blueprints to get you there. At Howard Roark Consulting, executing against well-designed, detailed plans is our specialty.