The Howard Roark Consulting Solution

Data Collection Accounting Reporting Analysis Decision Making Planning
Main Entry: con· tin· u· um
Pronunciation: k&n-'tin-yü-&m
Function: noun

  • A continuous, succession, or whole, no part of which can be distinguished from neighboring parts except by arbitrary division
  • Uninterrupted existence or succession; continuance; continuation; continuity

Howard Roark Consulting Continuum

Data Collection

Capturing and organizing the right data is essential to building a solid management reporting and decision-making foundation.


Building and maintaining the right accounting systems is critical to generating financial information that is accurate, consistent and timely.


Designing and developing the right management reporting is crucial to establishing a clear view of where a company is relative to itself and its competition.


Creating and maintaining the right financial framework is essential to ensuring that profits are maximized, expenses are minimized and expectations are consistently met.

Decision Making

Establishing and integrating the right financial evaluation tools is vital to providing for consistent, comprehensive, and profit-maximizing decision-making.


Architecting and managing the right planning process is required to managing and measuring the business from a variable, fixed and semi-variable perspective.
Howard Roark Consulting is a unique organization dedicated to solving complex problems that companies can't effectively address due to the daily demands of their business. With experience ranging from financial services to non-profit to telecommunications, we have the depth and breadth of knowledge to apply best practices solutions to the many challenges our clients face.

We identify, analyze and resolve significant problems and uncover substantial opportunities that have a well-defined beginning and end - we supply the middle: the plan, the process, the execution.

Our services include an array of financial reengineering solutions to improve operational insight, financial reporting, planning, forecasting and business development decision making. Our solutions address issues as diverse as the integration of an acquisition or an IT system; business unit assessments - whether to reengineer and how or whether to exit altogether; or the evaluation of an entirely new business initiative.

At Howard Roark Consulting, we believe that having a vision is not enough. Our process would not be complete without timely results and a consistent track record. Our extensive experience enables us to deliver mutually agreeable solutions in an expeditious manner and no journey is ever considered complete until we've successfully bridged the gap for our client's from current condition to desired state.