Howard Roark Consulting is dedicated to building long-term relationships with your company, your employees and your business partners. We bring a wealth of financial and operational expertise to every engagement and will always maintain the highest levels of integrity, respect, responsiveness and work ethic. We've earned our reputation by providing best practices solutions that consistently exceed our clients' expectations. Our talented consulting team has extensive experience working in industries as diverse as telecommunications, student lending, financial services and non-profit.

We focus on solving complex problems that your company can't effectively address due to the daily demands of your business. We identify, analyze and resolve significant problems and uncover substantial opportunities that have a well-defined beginning and end - we supply the middle: the plan, the process, the execution. However, simply having a vision is not enough. Our process would not be complete without a consistent track record and tangible, measurable and timely results.

We identify, define and establish specific deliverables related to every phase of your company's engagement. We develop these deliverables with your company's direct and indirect stakeholders in mind. To be useful and effective, deliverables must be both tangible and measurable. They must meet our predetermined standards for completion, such as explicit design specifications for a financial system implementation or a detailed checklist of critical steps as part of a due diligence process.

Tangible, measurable and timely deliverables impact the financial and operational drivers on stakeholder value, helping your company more effectively manage your assets and better allocate your financial and human capital to those initiatives that will create the most value. At Howard Roark Consulting, no journey is complete until we've successfully bridged the gap for all stakeholders from current condition to desired state.