The Howard Roark Consulting Process

At Howard Roark Consulting, we believe the only way to truly understand your company's financial structure is through detailed analysis of your entire financial foundation. By assessing your accounting and finance functions from a holistic perspective, we acquire a fundamental understanding of the underpinning of your financial organization. This organization is only as strong as its weakest link. Breakage any point in the continuum will eventually result in breakage at other points in the continuum.

Whether one or more of your functions in this continuum need improvement, our structured assessment will create the blueprint necessary to ensure that these functions work together collectively, establishing a solid, well-connected financial organization.

This new era of intense, global competition requires an almost constant state of vigilance. Price pressure, compressed margins and increasing competition require maximized performance. The right decisions simply cannot be made at the right time without valid analysis, driven by timely reporting based upon consistently accurate data.

At Howard Roark Consulting, we provide you with the financial visibility, the process and the sound structure to organize and optimize your financial operations.