The Howard Roark Consulting Story

In June of 1996, two ambitious young men met in Cincinnati, Ohio in the most random of ways - they both happened to work at the same financial services institution; one in accounting and the other in treasury. Although their company began as a small non-profit dedicated to the promotion of universal access to higher education, it eventually converted into a for-profit enterprise and became one of the largest secondary markets for student loans in the United States. Through this period of growth and change, the two men spent many long hours working together and soon realized the friendship they had formed over the years was anything but random. In fact, the two men shared a common yet surprisingly unique philosophy on life - if you focus your energy on always doing the right things for the right reasons, you'll rarely be disappointed by the results. It was this collective belief that inspired the two men to begin discussing the idea of creating a company with this philosophy as its foundation.

After several years together at the financial services company, the two men briefly parted ways - one headed to the world of telecommunications while the other headed to the world of management consulting. Despite the divergent paths, both men remained unwavering in their commitment to the vision of one day creating a different kind of organization. It wasn't long before the two men were back together, working for the same telecommunications company, (this time in a not-so-random fashion), still carrying the fundamental belief that doing the right things for the right reasons is always the right thing to do. Over the years, the two men worked together in various capacities across the organization, from leading the accounting and finance group of a $250 million wireless subsidiary to leading the planning, forecasting and budgeting area of the entire $1.2 billion consolidated entity. Throughout their tenure and at each stop along the way, both men's dedication to doing the job right was evident by the product delivered and the results achieved.

After ten years of discussing, developing and nurturing the idea along, the two men breathed life into their unique vision. In March of 2005, Howard Roark Consulting LLC was formed, and with it, a new approach to working with companies to help them achieve uncommon results was born. Howard Roark Consulting is the rare combination of a deep-rooted personal philosophy along with tremendous depth and breadth of experience across various industries and various organizational structures.

Ten years ago, two men began discussing the incredible difference individuals can make by simply doing the right things for the right reasons. Today, a company exists with that belief as its foundation.

Howard Roark Consulting - born of a desire to do things right; sustained by a desire to do things right. Every time.